Talking American Studies

Black Canada with N. Sawallisch and R. Njeri

December 20, 2019 Verena Adamik (and others) Season 1 Episode 5
Talking American Studies
Black Canada with N. Sawallisch and R. Njeri
Show Notes

Black Canada - Dr. Nele Sawallisch and Rahab Njeri are talking American Studies: about the long history of Black people in the 'great white north,' about slavery in Canada, about what happens once people reached the final destination of the underground railroad, and about oversights and erasure in archives and academia.

"There is a well-rehearsed, confident American master narrative; there is that series of regional and national novella accounts that, with appropriate diffidence, diffusion, and non-assertion, make up a great Canadian narrative, on that often seems to attain its most solid credentials as a counter narrative to the American one." (Healy 6)

"Northrop Frye once noted that all societies, in the process of developing an identity, draw a magic circle of mythological language around themselves, giving them an account of who they want to be - distinctive, particular, often touched by divine approbation" (Healy 6)

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